I’m Patrick Sullivan and I’m a web developer. I like to build cool things and solve tough problems.

I’m also an , , ,

of buildings and random things with oversaturated filters.

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Here’s Stuff I’ve worked on…


Tech Stack

Node JS   •   MongoDB   •   Backbone JS   •   RequireJS   •   SCSS   •   heroku build & deployment


Tech Stack

Ruby on Rails   •   HAML templating   •   CoffeeScript   •   SCSS   •   heroku build & deployment


Tech Stack

Bower.io   •   Gulp build   •   PHP / Laravel   •   Jade templating   •   SCSS   •   RequireJS + Vanilla JS



Pac-12 Football Championship Logo (both of them)

Pac-12 Men’s Basketball Championship Logo

Pac-12 Women’s Basketball Championship Logo

Playground of Prototypes

Résumé PDF


The full, detailed, and high-quality version of this site is forthcoming. Please feel free to reach out with questions about the next iteration of psullivan6.com as I am happy to talk about it.